May 2011
Welcome to our website

We are proud to have our website up and running after spending the past year working with our clients and building a strong sense of our brand.

Our mission is to work in partnership with people and organisations committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment. 2011 has started strongly - we plan to have more clients on board by the end of the year and to be supporting positive change.

People Tree is the brainchild of founder Abby Jones. Abby has a background in qualitative research and corporate responsibility. In the early noughties she worked for C&E Advisory, a business and society consultancy and more recently she was a director at the kids and youth agency Sherbert, where she was head of government and social research for almost 5 years. Abby is supported by a very able team of researchers including Janice Guy and Geoff Bayley, who bring with them a wealth of experience from their various fields of expertise.

This month People Tree moved into a new office near Brighton station which enjoys views of the sea.  It is a great space for thinking, even if the seagulls are a bit vocal at times!
Please do get in contact if you think we can help you to make a difference through research. 01273 249862 or 07803083445