Sandra Hand

Sandra has more than 25 years' experience as a qualitative researcher, working within a number of specialist qualitative agencies and brand development consultancies. She also spent several years as a senior planner with advertising agency Publicis. She has considerable experience in advertising, brand development and NPD research across the commercial and public sector.

Sandra has been an independent researcher since 2002 and is based in Edinburgh. She has tutored on the AQR foundation course for the last three years.
Examples of Sandra's work:
  • Development of recruitment advertising/literature (The Army, The Royal Navy and the construction industry)
  • Drink-driving advertising campaigns (COI)
  • Child safety advertising (COI)
  • Exploring how commercial organisations are reducing their carbon footprints (The Carbon Trust)
  • Public attitudes to disposal of nuclear waste (BNFL)
  • Attitudes to the threat of terrorism (Publicis, post 9/11)
  • GP/patient relationship typologies (GSK)
  • Patient compliance issues amongst diabetes sufferers (GSK)