Geoff Bayley

Geoff Bayley


Following a masters degree in social policy from LSE, Geoff has had a longstanding career in commercial and public qualitative research. Geoff pioneered the application of the Personal Construct Psychology of George Kelly to qualitative Depths and Pairs advocating it to explore deep relationships with brands and services, through the use of methods such as self-scripts, laddering and pyramiding.

Geoff takes the lead for education on the AQR committee and is managing editor of the AQR's 'In Depth' research journal.

Examples of Geoff's work:

  • Carbon footprint and public transport (Nottingham City Transport)
  • Broadwater Farm health facilities (Haringey Council)
  • Alcohol and safe drinking strategies (Enfield Council)
  • Core values and benefits and the challenge of repositioning (Post Office)
  • Political support and opinion leader attitudes (RSPCA)
  • Communication strategy (LSC and apprenticeships)
  • Ethical trading and fair trade (Internal paper)